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Outlook is an upgrade to hotmail, the new email service from microsoft with soome cool and exciting features and latest interafce and look based on Windows 8. Login

If you already converted your existing hotmail or live account and wanna access your account then you may proceed to the following page to access to new modern email of 21st century, the future of cyber world.
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However you can learn more about how to convert you hotmail account to outlook here.

Exciting new features of

The new ethusiastic email service is powerpacked with tons of new features and modern interface called as metro look and based on Windows 8.

First have a look at screen shot of new interface of mailbox here :
screenshot of new outlook email

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Here are some features highlights :

  • Virtually unlimited space - no need to delete an email again, just archive it.
  • 7 Giga Bytes space of Onedrive to store your documents on cloud storage so that you can access them from anywhere.
  • Convinient handling of junk mail, newsletters and urgent items giving a fresher and clean look helps to maintain the inbox efficiently.
  • Metro look inspired from windows 8
  • 100 Mega Bytes email attachements and 300 Mega Bytes if you are a user of Onedrive
  • and lots more whatever you can expect.
  • You can read more about the service at wikipedia.

Create a new account

If you want to signup for the new email account from microsoft then you can proceed to the following page and enjoy the modern and rich world of joy and happiness with new metro layout.

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or learn
How to convert existing hotmail, msn or live account to account.